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8 Points to consider when constructing a Swimming Pool

  1. Shopping like you are buying a car. 
    Swimming pools are custom construction projects. All pools are not built the same, unlike an automobile which is manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions. With a swimming pool much of what you do not see will impact the cost of pool construction. Lifestyle Solutions Centre include as a scope of work in all pool construction extra wide pool coping 400mm wide – this builds a stronger pool with a wider beam with additional steel
  2. Ask Questions. 
    Do not assume every builder is going to give you an education about constructing a pool or is capable of giving you one, for that matter. The more you know and understand about swimming pool construction the better buyer you will ultimately be. Lifestyle Solutions Centre guarantees to provide from start to finish a personalised service for custom design and innovative solutions from capturing on site data, to comprehensive proposals, and full project management.
  3. Check out the Contractor
    What makes them qualified to build swimming pools? Consider the saying, “If you think the cost of a Professional is expensive, wait until you hire an Amateur.” Lifestyle Solutions Centre has previous clients and 15 years experience  for reassurance of our capabilities and workmanship
  4. Shopping based on price. 
    Usually if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you shop for price alone you are destined to be disappointed. Bottom line: you usually get what you pay for. Allowances for the unknown – account for soil types and footings, excavation and coping/tiles. When comparing proposals be certain the allowances included are realistic to avoid potential nasty surprises when construction commences. Lifestyle Solutions Centre allowances are individually calculated by tried and proven formulas based on many years of pool construction.
  5. Shopping over the phone for a pool. 
    It is impossible and a waste of your time to get a realistic solution over the phone. Call into our showroom at 78 Mt Perry Rd North Bundaberg or call 4155-5500 to arrange an appointment on site a consultation to understand your site specific requirements.
  6. Be energy-efficient. 
    It’s easier than ever to save on a swimming pool’s energy costs. Enclosures, pool covers, and pump and lighting timers can all pay for themselves in energy savings over time.  With every pool proposal Lifestyle Solutions Centre include energy-efficient options.
  7. Warranty’s what do you receive? 
    With every pool Lifestyle Solutions Centre construct you receive a site-specific engineering design that guarantees a 10 Structural Warranty on the engineering on the pool construction.The interior finish warranties are subject and specific to your selection of four great interiors. Our team at Lifestyle Solutions Centre constructs every project utilising the highest quality construction materials, techniques and equipment.
  8. Once constructed – now what Lifestyle Solutions Centre spend all the time necessary at handover to provide a complete demonstration of the pool equipment with a customised manual, start-up chemicals, and an initial treatment of your water so the pool is ready to swim and off to a great start. We will also give you a FREE 30 day pool service water test and balance. This will make sure to keep your pool water healthy. Lifestyle Solutions Centre also operate a full Zodiac Titanium pool shop at the showroom 78 Mt Perry Rd Bundaberg for free pool tests and advise to help you keep your pool water sparkling and assisting past clients with benefits of ongoing specials and promotions.

Lifestyle Solutions Centre OPEN DAY is on the 26th November 2011 at 78 Mt Perry Road in North Bundaberg. Starting at 8:00am on Saturday you will see a Cooking Demonstration for  Wood fire Pizza oven, Joel will be there to … Continue reading

6 ways to get the most from Solar Pool heating..bundaberg

6 Ways to get the most from Solar Pool heating… in Bundaberg.

Zane Solar collector near Solar Hot water system

1/   Check the lint filter which will be installed in line near the pool pump as this will effect to flow to the Solar Collectors on the roof. Just unscrew the end and pull out the stainless steel gauze filter , then wash off with a hose. Without this filter your solar collector will block and cause further problems.

2/  Check the top out temperature which determines the targeted temperature for the system…if this is set too low the system will not achieve the maximum heat transfer. Raise this temperature to 28 degrees and your heating system will operate until you reach the higher temp.

3/  Check the collector on the roof to see how dusty it is… grab a soft broom and a hose and give it a clean down so you get the most from the available heat.

4/  Install a pool blanket and go for the better quality ones to both retain most heat and absorb extra heat.. often up to 3-4 degrees, with some manufacturers claiming more this is on the conservative side.

5/  Check for overhanging branches both on the pool and over the roof where the collector is installed to remove potential shade and there fore heat transfer…in short trim them up out of the way.. more sunlight, more heat. Sometimes when this is not possible and the system becomes less efficient adding a small heat pump may be the only solution when you want to extend your swimming season.

6/   When you are serious about extending you swimming season look at installing more collector to get the most form the system… using  the existing circulation system then adding collector will be FREE heating as its cost no more than you are already paying.

These are some of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your existing Solar Pool heating system. When you want more heat in your pool consider adding a heatpump which are becoming far more affordable. Use the FREE heat you get from the Solar then adding a heat pump will allow you to swim 365 days a year especially when there is no sunlight.  This will minimise the normal costs that would be involved with Heat Pump only installations.

Zane Solar Centre Bundaberg is Located at Lifestyle Solutions Centre 78 Mt Perry Road, Nth Bundaberg. When you have some questions about how you can heat your pool, call us or drop by to discuss your particular situation.

written by Peter Moller from Zane Solar Centre Bundaberg, located at Lifestyle Solutions Centre 78 Mt Perry Road Nth Bundaberg.

Salt water Swimming Pools pro’s and cons

Choose the right Pool Sanatiser for your Swimming pool

Lets clear up one thing right from the start… Salt water pool does actually create its own chlorine to sanatise your pool.. The advantage for the pool owner is the pool doesn’t actually required added chlorine (in most situations), and less irritation for people who are sensitive to the added chemicals. Salt water tends to be much softer than chlorinated water, so it’s much more pleasurable to swim in, and is much less harsh on your skin. In addition, a salt water pool usually has a much lower concentration of chlorine than a chlorinated pool.

Running costs are reduced as bagged salt currently is more economical than liquid chlorine that is injected into your pool. Just to be clear though, Salt water pools do in fact use chlorine to sanitize and the water. So if you are not adding chlorine tablets or shock, how does that work?

It works because of the chemical composition of salt, which is made up of chlorine and sodium. Within the salt water system is a unit called a salt-chlorine generator, which uses electrolysis to generate chlorine by separating the sodium and chlorine molecules in the salt you add to the pool. As the generator unit separates out the chlorine, it’s returned to the pool, where it keeps the water clean and sanitary.

A well-maintained salt pool is an absolute delight to swim in, with softer, more comfortable water that doesn’t irritate. It doesn’t taste salty, either, as you might think, because it has such a low concentration of salt that it’s officially considered to be fresh water!  In the ocean, the salt concentration is between 20,000 to 35,000 parts per million, whereas in a salt water pool, it’s just 2,600 to 3,200.

Finally, don’t be fooled into thinking that a salt water pool maintains itself. It doesn’t. You still need to check PH levels and carry out other maintenance tasks. However, you’ll benefit from lower maintenance costs and a more enjoyable swimming experience, which definitely makes it worthwhile.

ORP Chlorine & acid injection controllers actually vary the input of both chlorine and acid into the pool according to the bather load and weather conditions. The control unit continually tests the water at pre determined times during operation to modulate the inputs to reflect the pool use. Where as a Salt water pool chlorine production is controlled simply by manual control of the timer to estimate the time required to accomodate the seasonal changes & bather load. Its quite simple really but worth considering when you are building a new pool.

Call in and discuss your needs at Lifestyle Solutions centre, 78 Mt Perry Road North Bundaberg.

Lifestyle Solutions centre Bundaberg…new display

Recently opened in Bundaberg the “Lifestyle Solutions Centre” to showcase the services and products available when you are looking for something special, something different and definately all quality. For years people in and around bundaberg have travelled to the big city to locate these type of products. This is no longer necessary as you will see in the coming weeks and months we will focus each week on a different topic to clearly explain why using the products from the suppliers to the Lifestyle Solution centre will enhance any project. Projects from landscaping, waterfeatures, automatic irrigation systems, select pavers, feature stone and tiles, infloor pool cleaning systems from Polaris, LED lighting for both pool and landscaping, sealing products for pavers, tiles, grouts, granite, sandstone, tiles, Glass & aluminium & even timber and bamboo pool fencing. Compositive and regaulr timber decking, artifical turf, correct plant selection, landscape maintenance, link block, sleeper and stone Retaining walls, creative step designs…there is so much to include. with over 35 year experience its difficult to include everything we have experienced. Give me your requests for topics you’d like to be explained and we’ll include those in blogs in the coming weeks.