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Top 5 Rules for Professional Looking landscaping in Bundaberg

Top  5 Rules for Professional Looking landscaping in Bundaberg Planning a new  landscape or adding an outdoor space to the  design or style of your home its important to make the theme flow from inside to outside. These are to … Continue reading

Red spider Mites in Azaleas and Roses, Bundaberg landscaping

Azaleas and roses are susceptible to Red spider mite or Double spotted Mites when the weather is hot and Dry. It’s May and quite cool in Bundaberg and yet we still see plenty of the pests about. Look for dusty dirty look to the top of the leaves and on the under side you will see under a magnifying glass hundred of tiny spider looking insects running about. You will also notice thousands of brown dots which are the eggs then grow rapidly to adults in about a week.

On a foggy morning & in extreme situations you will see masses of tiny webs on your Roses and azaleas and even Tomatoes which is another tell tale sign they are about and will suck the living daylights out of your plants, starving them and even killing plants in extreme situations.

Control of Red spider or Double spotted mite… natural control.

They really dont like water so overhead watering can significantly reduce the numbers bearing in mind their life cycle this will need to be repeated over at least a week to cover the life cycle, so even 20-25mm of rain will achieve the same result. Yates produce a product called “Natrasoap” which suffocates the mites , they dry out and fall of with a repeat every 5-7 days also required.

Be careful not to kill the old Lady bird beetle as they are a natural predator to the pesky little mites. There are other natural predators that are used commercially which are not available for residential use.

Chemical Control..

Kelthane is often use but should not be over used to avoid a build up in resistance..Mites are related to spiders as they have four pairs of legs. Tiny pinkish-red mites cluster on the underside of leaves often producing fine webbing in extreme situations. by Peter Moller



formal landscaping with Security fencing in Bundaberg

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Today the team are working on preparation for the foundations for the brick garden edges. This foundation acts as a mowing edge for the boundary fence that will include an electric swinging gate. The panels are powder coated aluminium with … Continue reading

selective weedicide in your lawns, landscaping Bundaberg

After all the rain you will find the weeds come back quicker than any lawn, which makes it an ideal time to knock them over. Larger vigerous foliage will always absorb weedicides more readily. Kamba M is a favourite of ours, although its best to be applied in the 3-4 leaf stage, so dont let the weeds get to advanced. Always read the directions carefully before use. Remember to apply the weedicide 5-7 days after mowing, then leave for another 5-7 days before mowing again. I have found application in the warmer part of the day ensures a good takeup. You may find weeds that have matured more quickly might need some spotting with Roundup “MAX” …its rain fast in 2 hours which is good these days, and really sticks well without any further wetter and spreader… again read directions carefully to suit the weeds you are chasing. A wick wiper to apply Roundup is also a great idea as it only requires 10-20% coverage to kill the weeds selectively when spotting is all that’s required..  Some pre emergent weedicides can be mixed with roundup to know over the regrowth of  germinating weeds both in the lawn and Gardens.. Diuron flowable is a good product …You are welcome to call my office at Lifestyle Solutions Centre 78 Mt Perry road for any advise you need or our maintenance team can take care of the work for you… from a simple makeover to long term landscaping maintenance..


Manual for Landscaping using the right tools..& methods

Landscaping like many occupations has many simple, yet important methods of performing tasks. Recently we were talking with a couple of new guys in our landscaping team and it was amazing to see how many things we take for granted.  … Continue reading