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Lifestylesolutions open day – Outdoor living in BUNDABERG

The first of September is the first day of spring and it’s also tho OPEN day for us at the Lifestyle Solutions Centre when you will find an ever increasing range of innovative solutions to include in an Outdoor living … Continue reading


Lifestyle Solutions Centre OPEN DAY is on the 26th November 2011 at 78 Mt Perry Road in North Bundaberg. Starting at 8:00am on Saturday you will see a Cooking Demonstration for  Wood fire Pizza oven, Joel will be there to … Continue reading


Pool and landscaping project designs in Bundaberg

Hello again its a wet saturday here in Bundaberg so its back in the office today… great opportunity to catchup with clients who are flat out during the week, running here and there and just dont have the time.. You … Continue reading


Innovative Building Trades Display Centre, Bundaberg

Fast becoming the Hub for Innovative building trade business who focus on custom design solutions for your next building Project. The Lifestyle Solutions Centre at 78 Mt Perry Road in North Bundaberg is where you can find an ever increasing … Continue reading

Giant pool shade umbrella, bundaberg

Ever had the children not wanting to apply the sunscreen, while playing in the pool and wish you could give them some shade so they can enjoy swimming as long as they wanted… this is the answer a giant umbrella with a radius of 5.5m and that means 11m across the diameter.

You can have one of these installed to swing out over the pool, then rotate around while you have a bbq.. so easy to rotate, almost anyone could do it. The umbrella requires a footing 1.2m deep and 450mm square so its got a great footing, and you will need council approval.  The engineering for the footing detail is provided and the umbrella can be installed  the day after the footing is poured within a few hours. So it doesn’t matter if its boiling hot in summer or in the middle of winter you can get burned just as easy..

Did you know the darker colours actually provide a higher level of UV protection that the softer black is the best I believe.

Drop over to the Lifestyle Solutions Centre at 78 Mt Perry Road North bundaberg to check out the umbrella we have on display, give it a go and see how it works. I have attached video so you can see how easy it is to use…look forward to seeing you…


Lifestyle Solutions Centre, Bundaberg

Landscaping Secrets to Success …. Bundaberg landscaping Specialists.

Hi there…no doubt you’ve seen our new Landscaping Display Centre, so we just wanted to give an update about the progress at the Display centre in Bundaberg. This week we have been flat out, the weather is great, foggy mornings & great days… all the paver garden edges are now complete, the irrigation team have installed a TORO automatic pop up and drip irrigation systems for lawns and gardens. The lawn areas have been prepared and  Oz Tuff’s new “OZ tuff” green couch has been laid in one area and the other is Sir Walter – soft buffalo.  This will give clients an easy comparison of the two grasses and how they perform in identical conditions and maintenance. GB masonry supplied retaining wall blocks for use in  a wide range of retaining wall applications and garden terraces. Check out the photos I have taken for you. Call our office today on 4155 5500 in bundaberg for advise on everything landscaping.

Tomorrow we’ll be finishing the planting, mulching and then preparing the base for artificial turf… thats going to be great with so many people asking about this. So keep an eye on the blog and see how good it really is. The best thing about today… well it rained just after laying the turf.. how good is that ! Keep an eye out for the Artifical turf to be going down soon… and we’ve obtained the Services of Premier Sports and Leisure to install Tennis Courts and sports playing areas…. its a professional  job and we’ve got the best for you… keep watching

bought to you by Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions , 78 Mt Perry Road, Bundaberg. written by Peter Moller