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synthetic Turf for landscapes in Bundaberg

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Synthetic turf is fast becoming popular with residents in Bundaberg. Often choosing to use synthetic turf in shady areas, areas where normal turf just wont handle the traffic, or tired of mowing the lawn every week or two. Then your … Continue reading

Red spider Mites in Azaleas and Roses, Bundaberg landscaping

Azaleas and roses are susceptible to Red spider mite or Double spotted Mites when the weather is hot and Dry. It’s May and quite cool in Bundaberg and yet we still see plenty of the pests about. Look for dusty dirty look to the top of the leaves and on the under side you will see under a magnifying glass hundred of tiny spider looking insects running about. You will also notice thousands of brown dots which are the eggs then grow rapidly to adults in about a week.

On a foggy morning & in extreme situations you will see masses of tiny webs on your Roses and azaleas and even Tomatoes which is another tell tale sign they are about and will suck the living daylights out of your plants, starving them and even killing plants in extreme situations.

Control of Red spider or Double spotted mite… natural control.

They really dont like water so overhead watering can significantly reduce the numbers bearing in mind their life cycle this will need to be repeated over at least a week to cover the life cycle, so even 20-25mm of rain will achieve the same result. Yates produce a product called “Natrasoap” which suffocates the mites , they dry out and fall of with a repeat every 5-7 days also required.

Be careful not to kill the old Lady bird beetle as they are a natural predator to the pesky little mites. There are other natural predators that are used commercially which are not available for residential use.

Chemical Control..

Kelthane is often use but should not be over used to avoid a build up in resistance..Mites are related to spiders as they have four pairs of legs. Tiny pinkish-red mites cluster on the underside of leaves often producing fine webbing in extreme situations. by Peter Moller

Landscape Restoration and Maintenance, Landscaping Bundaberg

So who saw the flood waters around the IGA in north Bundyamazing, hey ! water everywhere and unfortunately as the floods receded the flow washed away much of the mulch on the Landscape around the IGA carpark gardens. The team spent almost 2 days removing rubbish and slime from the drains, the bitumen, the garden and now it’s looking so much better. Doesn’t even smell that much now, or maybe we are just used to it now. Do you know some of the plants were uprooted and others just couldn’t handle being submerged and croaked it…never mind it’s all good now, you wouldn’t know the difference… & after just a few days the weeds had started sprouting all over the place after dropping weed seed everywhere.

I must confess we  were surprised to see the river flush again yesterday  up 1.4m I believe and with the thought of 150-300mm over the weekend and the ground saturated, one can only imagine how quickly the waters would return… lets hope not anyway..

Berajondo earthmoving workshop and Admin  Offices.

Over in Handbury street the scouring was much worse where the torrents of water completely washed the soil form the roots in the gardens near the Offices after being inundated with 500mm of flood waters. Sal and Laura take a lot of pride in how their business presents and it was sad to see such damage.

Our task was to replant the plants that were still there, replace the soil that’s been washed away, then re-mulch and fertilise the gardens. It was funny I as walking around  with Laura & Sal looking at the work that was required  on a slope beside the sheds and stood on a solid bank of silt and it was just like putting on snow skies, nothing I could do until I hit the bottom…and  Sal had a similar experience mowing the bank on the ride-on  leaving the ride-on at the bottom to snig out with the 4B and a long rope.

The gardens will recover, some also showing signs if despair after being covered with water for a few days, but I do believe they will come back and maybe the silt will act as topdressing and it will recover also.

Lets hope all the businesses can recover as well as with out small business no-one will have a job and so it goes on.. Good luck to everyone best wishes from everyone at Lifestyle Solutions Centre in North Bundy. It’s very difficult doing anything in our line of business in these conditions. After years of skinny rainfalls I never thought I’d be looking for the sun to dry the country. So many of the farmers are hurting with no crops to harvest and no chance of planting another. Its going to be tough in the coming months but if we all support Local business we will all thrive again.. Good Luck

After all is said and done be aware the water will have deposited and spread weed seed everywhere and you will need to watch this carefully of your gardens will be smothered in days ..not weeks… DAYS. with this weather everything will take off and the weeds will always be first to may like to grab some of the council mulch to help smother them to give yourself a break.. of give the office a call if you need a hand..

by Peter Moller at Lifestyle Solutions centre North Bundaberg..

LAWN GRUBS in bundaberg lawns…enjoying the wet weather

Bet you have just about had enough of the wet weather. I never thought I’d say it, but we have too…at least we haven’t been washed away like some poor soles in Queensland. You should keep a close eye on the first signs of LAWN Grubs as they are really active again in Bundaberg. They thrive in the humid and wet conditions and you don’t get a chance to spray them as the showers come over so regularly to poison washes off and will only dilute the poison and can cause some buildup in resistance. So be aware of this when you start the spraying. There are quite a few products on the market , be sure to stick to the consistencies mentioned on the bottle for application, and remember to spray again in 5-7 days to get the new hatchings.

The tell tale signs are new growth with a chewed up look, brown patches in the lawn, red and black wasps flying low over the lawn. To see exactly how many grubs or if you have any, find a heshian bag, or piece of carpet and thoroughly wet it, then lay it in an area you suspect that has lawn grubs. Come back in 30 minutes and lift up the bag or carpet and you will soon see the  extent of activity in your lawn.

Keep an eye out for birds jumping around pecking at the lawn they will know when there is plenty of food around. Be careful if you have a good bird population to choose an insecticide that wont effect them..

Good luck and hope your lawn is looking better soon

Peter Moller…Lifestyle landscaping Solutions centre, Bundaberg