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Automatic Sprinkler System Maintenance.

I will cover a few of the main problems that people come across with the in ground part of sprinkler systems.
1. Water Leaking from Sprinkler
The main one is when people find water leaking from a sprinkler they think there is an issue with the sprinkler. This is not normally the case unless a sprinkler has been damaged by a mower or edger. The normal cause of the leak is either a worn or damaged diaphram in the valve or some grit which has become lodged in the diaphram where it seats in the valve.

A worn diaphram must be replaced but if there is grit embedded in it then the grit can be carefully prized out and the dint left there will grow back in a few days which will overcome the leak. Diaphrams in good quality valves these days will last 10 to 15 years in clean water without any problems.

2. Drippers leaking in Gardens
Sometimes you will come across a similar problem with drippers in a garden. An area will always be wet. If this is at a low point the first place to look is at the valve as above. Another thing that happens with drippers in a garden situation is someone will put a shovel or fork through the pipe. All prongs of the fork will hit the pipe, not just one. That is just how it happens.

3. Adjust Dripper Valves
At times with drippers, if there is too much pressure, a dripper will blow out or blow apart. Not a big deal to fix but when they are on for an hour there will be a big puddle. Many solenoid valves are adjustable so you ca turn them down. Rule of thumb with drippers. Turn the valve on and allow the line to build pressure then pull apart or remove a dripper so you can see it from the valve. Turn the flow control down until the water flows gently and not a pressure squirt too about 2 metres (6 feet).

4. Check and Replacing your Valve Diaphram.
There are a few ways to open up a valve depending on your type of solenoid valve. Always turn the master valve off or house water main.

Some valves have a cap about 75mm diameter that is just screwed off. Normally hard to do though without the correct tool. ALWAYS be really careful with the coil on the top of the valve. If you are a little bit rough they can break and quite often cost more than a new valve. Most others have screws to retain the top of the valve. If you remove the coil first and this makes life easier, be careful not to loose the parts. Inside the coil when you remove it is a small metal plunger about 20mm x 4mm with a 20mm spring behind it. Some are encapsulated but most are not and if you drop the little spring in a valve box full of muddy water you will never find it. When re-installing plunger put the rubber end outwards.

Before taking the top off the valve, dig a ring around the valve so it goes 20mm below the top. Be careful with the wires on the coils as they can be damaged too. Remove the top and check for grit in the seat and tears in the rubber. If you need a new diaphram you will need to get the model and brand off the valve. If you can’t find one don’t stress as most are different. Either get your phone and take a photo of it or draw a sketch and describe shapes of parts and go to your Landscaping or Irrigation shop.  Clean it and re-assemble.


Bruce Moller. Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions, Bundaberg  Service Manager

Toro Automatic Irrigation , Bundaberg.

Landscaping Secrets to Success … Automatic Irrigation in Bundaberg

Toro Automatic Irrigation system design by  Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions Bundaberg.

Water supply is becoming so critical in maintaining the health of a landscape and how quickly it begins to florish. In landscaping projects in and around bundaberg we have used a number of efficient methods to effectively deliver water to a landscape project .

1/    Drip irrigation using 4 litre per hour SNAP drippers at the base of each plant. The delivery of water avoids run off and avoids watering areas between plants that only induced weed growth.

2/   Micro spray irrigation… not as efficient however when water over the leaves is required . Is in effective when new foliage creates a watering shadow as plants mature and requires the water to saturate any mulch on the gorund before the root zone is watered.

3/  pop up irrigation systems, most widely used in lawns and when used with matched precipitation rates effectively delivers water to must be taken not to overwater lawns causing runoff or watering too often. This can result in an inactive root system which is detrimental to the long term health of turfed areas. Stream strays on high pops can be effective where vandalism is an issues, keeping visual contact to a minimum

4/  drip in tube…required to be laid in regular patterns at 300-400mm rows to evenly deliver water to gardens & lawns without specifically targeting individual plants… the inclusion of rootguard (herbicide) to prevent root penetration into the tube is used under different brands. This type of watering is also used to disperse grey water in some situations.

This briefly covers the types of irrigation we have found to be most effective in landscapes around Bundaberg. For over 25 years we have been distributing TORO irrigation components to control the watering of a vast range of projects, from School sports ovals, the Unit developments, Bundaberg Port Marina(seafood processing) waste water disposal areas, Macdonalds sugarland and City Centre or Lakes Retirement Village with over 300 units and 15 controller, or your own private landscaping project.

Modern innovations.

Remote control of Toro irrigation controllers allows easy maintenance of the controllers from up to 80 metres away…  this is great when no one is home or the residence is locked up, even away on holidays, drive up the the property and check it out from the front seat of your car.

Moisture sensors and Rain sensors.

Ever been driving down the street in a thunderstorm and seen someones spriinklers watering the lawn… what a waste of water. Now these sensors will control the water and only deliver water when the moisture levels have reached preset levels. When next you look at your water rates bill and see how much water you have wasted, think about installing these water saving devices in your automatic irrigation system. The saving in excess water charges will quickly repay you investment.

Toro 570 series lawn sprinklers

Toro 570 series lawn sprinklers

Sprinkler layout:

Setting out a pop up irrigation system is critical to ensure as close as possible to 100 % coverage is achieved. Over spray onto gardens, paths and road ways must be avoided wherever possible to avoid potential waste in this area. Shapes of your gardens will create challenges when designing a system so some overspray may be unavoidable. In general terms spraying head to head is the best policy…. whether in triangular or square pattern the object is the same. Each sprinkler should spray to the base  of the next sprinklers. Care must also be taken to design the system to 80-90% of capacity to allow for variation in flow from time to time.

Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions in Bundaberg is located at the Lifestyle Solutions Centre 78 Mt. Perry Road in North Bundaberg. Bruce Moller is the Irrigation manager and is holder of a current Plumbing Lisc.. for Installation of Irrigation systems. Be certain you choose some one who is qualified to connect the irrigation system to your water supply with all  backflow prevention devices relative to the site in which it is being installed. Experience gained in over 35  years installing irrigation systems  from the team at Lifestyle Solutions Centre will provide our clients with a very low maintenance watering solution for their next project. You can go out an buy a few sprinklers and wack them into the ground and hope they work or call Bruce or Peter on 4155 5500 to help you design a system that will deliver a super efficient watering system for you. Cheap sprinklers will not provide you with an efficent or effective spray pattern and will infact cuase you to waste water. Send you questions to  Peter Moller @ or check out the website on to find out the best way of including a Toro automatic Irrigation system in your next project.

The Team at Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions also assist you in the design, costing and installation of  a system the effectively maintain the watering of your landscape project. The systems are simple to install if you have some knowledge of how to connect irrigation pipes & we are happy to show you how to connect the system and pitfalls you will need to avoid to be certain the system is installed correctly. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about your irrigation challenge. On going maintenance is also available to ensure your automatic irrigation systems continues to deliver the water as good as the day it was installed.

Toro irrigation provides commercial quality systems for use in residential irrigation system to efficiently deliver water to your landscape project. Check out the the complete range of Toro irrigation components on their website of call Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions in Bundaberg for  personal assistance with any challenge you may face..

bought to you by Peter Moller..Designer, Consultant and Project Supervisor at Lifestyle Solutions Centre 78 Mt Perry Road Nth Bundaberg