Lifestylesolutions open day – Outdoor living in BUNDABERG

The first of September is the first day of spring and it’s also tho OPEN day for us at the Lifestyle Solutions Centre when you will find an ever increasing range of innovative solutions to include in an Outdoor living projects.

Joel will be here to show you there is so much more you can cook in a wood fire oven, than pizzas…. Check out the giant swing out umbrellas from Planet shades, Waterco and Astral pool products have great specials for the OPEN day specials. A great selection of Lifestyle spas to start the season, and learn about how energy efficient these spas really are… What about Bamboo Land range of bamboo screens, unique bamboo furniture, even bamboo towels….so many products for you to choose…. Barefoot floors new recycled glass and epoxy resin flooring provides you with some very impressive options previously restricted to the same old finishes.

Slab furniture in genuine Aussie timber that looks at home in any back yard …. Tables, chairs, bars and more… Solid and local slab furniture on display for any situation… And now unique brushed aluminum outdoor furniture and a whole new range of outdoor furniture guaranteed to survive in the tough Aussie outdoors.. You won’t see these anywhere else in Bundy.

This is just a sample of the businesses at the OPEN day at Lifestyle Solutions centre .

You could win a weber Q by simply filling an entry to tell us how we can’t improve the products and services available at the LSC.. See us on or to see the complete list of products available right here in BUNDABERG ..

One response to “Lifestylesolutions open day – Outdoor living in BUNDABERG

  1. Waiting For 1st September now. 🙂

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