synthetic Turf for landscapes in Bundaberg

Synthetic turf is fast becoming popular with residents in Bundaberg. Often choosing to use synthetic turf in shady areas, areas where normal turf just wont handle the traffic, or tired of mowing the lawn every week or two. Then your have to consider how much water you can save, and where weed seed germinates in the surface you can roundup the lot with no fear of killing your lawn.

Synthetic turf comes in rolls 20 m long and 3.6m wide. when looking at an area you must run turf in the same direction or it can be easy to see where it joins. Joining synthetic turf is relatively simple but there is a knack to it. Where possible minimise the waste just as you would with carpet, deciding which way is the most efficient way to run the turf for best results.

hand shaping the subgrade for synthetic turf

Base preparation can include drainage, stabilising and thoroughly compacting the subgrade before a final screed over a fine sand bed for best results. All external edges need to be retained, with say a concrete edge, paver mowing edge or even CCA treated timber will also work. With all surfaces base preparation is critical to the result you acheive.

cutting synthetic turf to shape

Once laid and cut in places you need a fine kiln dried sand to broom into the thatch to help the turf stand up and hold the turf in place. You will need to be careful to spread evenly over the entire area as its easy to create humps and hollows. When its professionally installed the guys use a spreader to achieve the best results.

If you live in Bundaberg come out to the Lifestyle Solutions Centre in Bundaberg and touch, feel and walk on the display so that you can see how realistic the turf is these days. Of course you can always buy some of the cheaper imported products, however we only use the Qld made synthetic turf which is supplied with up to a full 8 year warranty.

The display I mentioned is actually a putty tee, some and try your hand at sinking a few.. I did the other day and could get close. There must be an art to this game for which I have little talent… better stick to what I know best.

Look forward to any questions you may have about your particular situation to help you make the right choice. We’ve actually laid complete yards with synthetic turf and looks so realistic you can’t tell the different. You can also check the website for more details..

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