Architects of your lifestyle

SO much going on at “Lifestyle solutions centre” in recent times to enhance the experience clients receive when they visit the Lifestyle Solutions Centre. Only last week  on site cooking demonstrations with “Woodfire Ovens” were planned on a  soon to be released date, before end of June..  then a secret NEW flooring system .. to go straight over just about anything and in almost any colour. Look for an announcement about that.

Everyone loves a Spa and you will see a whole new range never seen before in Bundaberg and  now you can also find “Saunas”.. full details will also be on the website in the coming weeks.

Plenty of great new products and services are in the pipeline so keep an eye out in the coming weeks or drop over to the Lifestyle Solutions Centre and take advantage of the ever increasing range of innovative new products available to enhance your Lifestyle… where we are truly are “Architects of your lifestyle” or

2 responses to “Architects of your lifestyle

  1. That’s very educative piece!

  2. That’s very intriguing blog…

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