Top 5 Rules for Professional Looking landscaping in Bundaberg

Top  5 Rules for Professional Looking landscaping in Bundaberg

Planning a new  landscape or adding an outdoor space to the  design or style of your home its important to make the theme flow from inside to outside. These are to me the 5 Rules which must be followed when planning such a project.

1/   Take your time to understand the needs for the area and how you expect to use the landscape, making notes of the key points so that you build into the design aspects that will deliver the best solutions while also considering the look and appeal blends with the adjoining structures and finishes.

2/      It is important to consider environmental conditions, drainage and potentional damage from run off, sun & shade, windy or protected, soil type and conditions. This will have a huge bearing on every component of the project, from plant & lawn species to type of mulch and irrigation.

3/   Choosing plants will be determined by several factors and most importantly the ongoing maintenance of the landscape. Often grabbing some cheap plants to fill an area will not deliver the best long term design for an area. Taller cheap plants in nursuries often are the plants that will grow quickly and therfore require heaps of pruning and maintenance. Choose wisely.

4/   Consider the most appropriate irrigation method for the project being drip or micro spray, pop-up or hand watering… this will also effect the appeal of the landscape as the growth can be inhibited by choosing an unsuitable method of irrigation.

5/   If you are not confident in the design of a Landscape project call in a professional to complete a design for you, remember to ask for examples of their work and be certain to check their references personally to see the styles and themes they have completed as a guide to how you landscape will be when its complete.

Lifestyle Solutions centre in Bundaberg has almost 40 years personal experience in landscaping projects from simple household gardens, to waterfalls and ponds, sports ovals to super markets to Motels and McDonald’s Restaurants. Call the Lifestyle Solutions Landscaping Design team when you need a helping hand… 4155 5500 is our website to view previous Pool and landscaping projects in Bundaberg

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