control weeds in your lawn, landscaping in Bundaberg

When your lawn seems to be  overtaken with weeds and seem to making no headway at all. An alternative to weedicide especially with Mullumbimby couch, clovers etc is to apply Dolomite to the area.. 40 Kg to 100m2 seems to work well. The soil has been fertilised time and again to keep it looking green, now its so acid it wont respond. The Dolomite will help correct the ph and make the soil more alkaline and suitable for turf grasses than weeds. When the lawn is solid weeds, sparse and unloved its often because its too acid. After application like you are feeding the chooks lightly water in to prevent it blowing away and you’ll quickly see the different. Do not reapply fertiliser for 4-6 weeks to let the dolomite do its work, then you may also get a better result from your selective weedicides. As always if you need any advise call the Lifestyle Solutions centre 78 Mt Perry road  and we’ll be glad to help you or if time is precious we can provide the complete solution for you…with ongoing landscape maintenance programs… Take care !

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