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Turf for shady areas in bundaberg

Here is a quick video of the turf laid at St Lukes yesterday, looks great and rain will settle in nicely .. Very little fall through the so required a laser level and hand screeding  to achieve the shape required… … Continue reading


Turf for shady areas im bundaberg

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On Saturday we started preparing for laying a shade tolerant turf under the Tipuana trees in the playgrounds at St Lukes school in BUNDABERG . Remember to let it grow a little longer as it doesnt like being mown short, … Continue reading

Landscaping in bundaberg.. Choosing plants

Choosing plants for your garden is difficult, low maintenance, splash of colour and yet modern and in keeping with the latest trends…. Here is a plant that does all this… Liriope evergreen giant. Grows in sun or shade no pruning required and has a splash of colour.. Really does well in BUNDABERG landscapes. Check it out at a nursery near you

Lifestyle landscaping solutions..plant species

Are you looking for a compact small tree to handle wet conditions, loves the heat, bright fresh flowers and doesn’t drop heaps of leaves. ANSWER dwarf swamp bloodwood … Must be grafted to get a solid root stock and compact growth and bright flowers…. Grows very well in BUNDABERG .. Check out the flowers on this tree where they are used as a Street tree…