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Bundaberg Flood waters 2010

It’s a little hard getting in and out of Bundy at the moment and you will be amazed to see the water across the netball courts, almost up to the floor level at NOWA Power Products as well… some pictures to remember on Kendal’s Flats and North Bundaberg on Mt Perry Road, near the Lifestyle Solutions Centre.

seaside courtyard, landscaping bundaberg

This seaside property has an impressive look and feel and by adding this courtyard to the entry, beside the pool area the attraction of a casual entering area is very appealing. Composite timber decking used to create  the maintenance free seating with the very latest Synthetic turf  that has a soft brown thatch … so realistic and soft to walk on, makes the ultimate in low maintenance landscaping here in Bundaberg. The team have completed this project just in time for christmas, although we thought the weather would beat us….

It all looks great and the clients are  wrapped …. check out the pics of the project at Innes Park.

seaside courtyard video, bundaberg landscaping

Here’s a video of this seaside courtyard using composite timber decking (modwood) and synthetic turf using the latest products to deliver a soft fresh feel when you walk on the turf with bare feet. The planting layout is designed to keep the areas looking neat and tidy without much maintenance with plants selected to florish by the ocean… check it out.

Christmas at Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions, Bundaberg

Wow what a year, ever seen so much rain… anyway we had a good time at the christmas party and thanks to Rhondda Scott Photography, Bundaberg for the great photos …  we’d like to share a few light hearted moments with you.  not everyone is hear but its great to have a look back and remember some great project we worked on together, Thanks to all the Team I couldnt do it without you…


Paved landscape entry feature, bundaberg

Project to update the style and street appeal of this home has made a huge difference. The rain has been heavy making the preparation for laying PAVERS more difficult. Paver garden edging match the body of the entry . Planting … Continue reading

Spray concrete pool construction, bundaberg

This pool is nestled around this stylish and ultra modern home at edenbrook estate in BUNDABERG. The large 500 x 350mm bullnose PAVERS provide an excellent contrast to the exposed agg… Must have expansion joints at all pressure points around the pool and ableflex between the pool and exposed agg… This allows for expansion and contraction in this “h” class soil type..


Mature Landscaping project,Bundaberg

Yesterday the team planted the project using advanced bamboo metro Fiji fire and thomasii. With various dianella, liriope, green island fig and numerous other species for seaside mulching , after finishing irrigation and then turf on monday ready for … Continue reading


Seaside landscaping bundaberg

This seaside home is to be landscaped to include an impressive courtyard to enhance the entry while giving a great outlook from the entertaining area to the ocean… Looks great.. Stay watching  for composite decking to be used for casual … Continue reading


Paved entry gardens for bundaberg landscape

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Complete landscape makeover to make the home look more modern and stylish… End of day 1 removed all existing gardens, end day 2 base prep complete, PAVERS laid and cut in.. What a difference.. Hope the rain stays away  

synthetic turf, bundaberg landscaping

Today we are waiting for the rain to give us a break…just need to finish the installation of the synthetic turf at Edenbrook in Bundaberg… the base is prepared and cement stabilised at the subgrade with sloppy. Now its all settled all we need is one dry day and its can be finished. The moisture in the sand wont the sand to be broomed into the thatch…. its been great out the back where blue couch is laid and is to be looked after with the Toro automatic irrigation system… we havent even had a chance to test the system yet…we’ll send a few pics when its all finished…