Artifical rock waterfalls, Bundaberg

Artifical Rock Waterfalls, Bundaberg

Recently we started construction on a swimming pool with an artiifical rock waterfall and to enhance the effect several clusters of rocks were added to the pool coping. The rocks are constructed using hand shaped concrete, then using trowels, brushes, knives and a host of other tools to create a realistic representation of Natural Rock outcrops on the edge of the pool. Artificial rock doesn’t really say what they are, sure they aren’t natural, but they certainly look.  like the real thing.. judge for your self. Call by the display centre at 78 Mt Perry road where there is  a large waterfall in operation at the Lifestyle Solutions Centre . A  two (2) hp pump recirculates the water into several areas providing a stunning effect… You could just image this in a rain forest somewhere and we did damage the environment building this either.. so its a win win and you wont break you back trying to building the waterfall. Call us  or check it out soon..

Lifestyle Landscaping Solutions.artifical rock waterfall

artifical rock water

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