Manual for Landscaping using the right tools..& methods

Landscaping like many occupations has many simple, yet important methods of performing tasks. Recently we were talking with a couple of new guys in our landscaping team and it was amazing to see how many things we take for granted.  After almost 40 years in the landscaping industry you tend to assume that everything you have learned is common knowledge, because they are so simple. Speaking with the guys and discussing how best to use the tools, and make life a little easier by the end of the day…

Here are a few things that we discussed.

When shovelling on a concrete base (paths etc) use a square nose shovel.

when loading a barrow or shifting material use a round nose shovel.

Stand beside the heap when loading a barrow so that you shovel in a clean action, heap then straight to the  barrow…

Use  a long handle post hole shovel to plant your plants, dig holes.

Always bend your knees, not your back when you dig into a stockpile…and load a barrow.

Turn the barrow in the direction you are going to push before loading… simple I know but watch when you see others doing this.

Stand a crow bar up & Drive a Crow bar into the ground so it wont heat up,  lay in on the ground and it will heat up & you’ll get blisters

When loading a wheel barrow always place most of the load forward onto the wheel….less weight on the handles and on you.

Keep your back straight and bend your legs wehen lifting heavy weights, rocks, logs etc.

Leverage with crow bars, logs etc when shifting rocks & Logs etc..

Always avoid lifting dead weights, roll rocks, lift one side then the other and ask your mate to help or get a machine to do the lifting.

Keep the weight close to your body.

Thats some of the key factors I have learnt to avoid dmage to your body… simple but effective i have found.

Peter Moller..Lifestyle Landscaping solutions , Bundaberg

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