LAWN GRUBS in bundaberg lawns…enjoying the wet weather

Bet you have just about had enough of the wet weather. I never thought I’d say it, but we have too…at least we haven’t been washed away like some poor soles in Queensland. You should keep a close eye on the first signs of LAWN Grubs as they are really active again in Bundaberg. They thrive in the humid and wet conditions and you don’t get a chance to spray them as the showers come over so regularly to poison washes off and will only dilute the poison and can cause some buildup in resistance. So be aware of this when you start the spraying. There are quite a few products on the market , be sure to stick to the consistencies mentioned on the bottle for application, and remember to spray again in 5-7 days to get the new hatchings.

The tell tale signs are new growth with a chewed up look, brown patches in the lawn, red and black wasps flying low over the lawn. To see exactly how many grubs or if you have any, find a heshian bag, or piece of carpet and thoroughly wet it, then lay it in an area you suspect that has lawn grubs. Come back in 30 minutes and lift up the bag or carpet and you will soon see the  extent of activity in your lawn.

Keep an eye out for birds jumping around pecking at the lawn they will know when there is plenty of food around. Be careful if you have a good bird population to choose an insecticide that wont effect them..

Good luck and hope your lawn is looking better soon

Peter Moller…Lifestyle landscaping Solutions centre, Bundaberg

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