Lifestyle Solutions centre Bundaberg…new display

Recently opened in Bundaberg the “Lifestyle Solutions Centre” to showcase the services and products available when you are looking for something special, something different and definately all quality. For years people in and around bundaberg have travelled to the big city to locate these type of products. This is no longer necessary as you will see in the coming weeks and months we will focus each week on a different topic to clearly explain why using the products from the suppliers to the Lifestyle Solution centre will enhance any project. Projects from landscaping, waterfeatures, automatic irrigation systems, select pavers, feature stone and tiles, infloor pool cleaning systems from Polaris, LED lighting for both pool and landscaping, sealing products for pavers, tiles, grouts, granite, sandstone, tiles, Glass & aluminium & even timber and bamboo pool fencing. Compositive and regaulr timber decking, artifical turf, correct plant selection, landscape maintenance, link block, sleeper and stone Retaining walls, creative step designs…there is so much to include. with over 35 year experience its difficult to include everything we have experienced. Give me your requests for topics you’d like to be explained and we’ll include those in blogs in the coming weeks.

One response to “Lifestyle Solutions centre Bundaberg…new display

  1. great …. can you add a video so I can see your new centre?

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